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Many crimes can be labeled as violent regardless of whether or not they actually injure another person. Just the threat of committing bodily harm against another person can be considered violent. Mississippi prosecutors and judges take these types of crimes very seriously due to their disregard for and aggression toward human life. That is why you should retain the services of a reliable criminal defense attorney if you are being questioned about or have been charged with a violent crime.

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You will need a strong advocate on your side from the start, especially one who is deeply familiar with case law and statutory law regarding these crimes. At Savant & Rich, LLC, our legal team includes a former prosecutor who has insight into how the prosecution operates. We also bring 35 years of combined experience to the table in criminal defense.

Violent Crime Cases We Handle

Because of their destructive nature to life or property, most violent crimes are considered felonies. As such, they are subject to much harsher penalties than misdemeanors.

Examples of violent crimes include:

  • Assault, whether simple or aggravated - Attempting to cause or recklessly causing physical injury to another person
  • Domestic violence - Knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical injury to a member of your household or family
  • Theft - Taking the property or services of someone with the intent to deprive them without their consent, by deceit or by coercion
  • Robbery - Theft while also intimidating the victim with force or violence
  • Carjacking - Using the threat of violence to force a victim to surrender a motor vehicle
  • Kidnapping - Unlawfully remove someone without their consent or unlawfully confining another person without their consent
  • Rape - having sexual intercourse with someone against their will
  • Weapon charges - Unlawful use or possession of a weapon
  • Arson - Intentionally setting fire to a building, wooded area, vehicle or other property
  • Murder - Intentionally killing someone

Penalties for these crimes will vary depending on:

  • The nature of the crime
  • Whether a weapon was used
  • Whether a serious injury or death resulted
  • The criminal history of the accused
  • Other factors surrounding the circumstances of the crime

Prison sentences can range from one year to life or one can face the death penalty. Other consequences include a criminal record as a convicted felon throughout one’s life.

Our Experience is Your Best Defense

When the stakes are as high as they are in violent crime charges, your best defense is a legal team with proven experience. You can turn to Savant & Rich, LLC where we remain committed to providing you with outstanding service aimed at obtaining the most favorable results.

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