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  • Not Guilty Aggravated Assault

    Client charged with stabbing a neighbor. Our client suffered from mental illness and claimed that she believed the neighbor was a child molester. We hired a psychiatrist who determined that our Client was legally insane at the time of the crime. At trial, we used the psychiatrist's findings to show that our client should not be held responsible for her actions. The judge agreed, and she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

  • Not Guilty on Felony Aggravated Assault

    Client caught on camera striking his female boss in the face and causing her to suffer a concussion. At trial, he faced the possibility of twenty (20) years in prison without the possibility of parole. The last plea offer the prosecution made was for ten (10) years to serve in prison. At trial, we argued a very specific area of the law that fit the facts of the case. We also spent extensive time with our client to prepare him to testify so the jury would see his most positive attributes. In the end, the jury found him not guilty of aggravated assault as charged, but only found him guilty of simple assault. He was sentenced to time served, and avoided a felony conviction on his record.

  • Dismissed Aggravated Domestic Violence

    Our client’s daughter accused him of drunkenly and physically assaulting her. On the charge, our client faced up to twenty (20) years in prison and the loss of his professional license. Following his arrest, we were able to quickly secure a reasonable bond to allow him to get back to his career. We also put a plan in place to allow him to obtain needed treatment to allow for a reconciliation with his daughter. Ultimately, we were able to show that prosecutor that this was not a case that needed to be pursued. Case Dismissed.

  • Not Guilty Aggravated Domestic Violence as Habitual Offender

    The prosecution claimed that our Client assault his vulnerable adult, brother by a means likely to cause death or serious bodily injury. At trial, he was facing twenty (20) years without the possibility of parole. Prior to trial, the last plea offer the prosecution made was ten (10) years to serve. At trial, we cross-examined the prosecution witnesses to show inconsistencies and motive to fabricate critical points in the story. In the end, justice prevailed and the jury acquitted our Client on the charge.

  • Case Dismissed Auto Theft

    Our client was charged with stealing an automobile after he walked away from his assisted living home. He had long suffered mental illness, and did not clearly understand the nature of the circumstances he now faced. We proactively hired a psychiatrist who determined that our Client was legally insane at the time of the crime. Upon providing this information to the District Attorney’s office, they agreed and the case was dismissed.

  • Not Guilty Domestic Violence

    An ex-girlfriend accused our client of assaulting her after a night of drinking. Our client faced serious jail time, losing his career and losing his constitutional right to possess a firearm. At trial, we cross-examined the ex-girlfriend to show inconsistencies in her story. The judge agreed with our defense. Case Dismissed.

  • Dismissed Domestic Violence

    The mother of our Client’s child accused him of physically assaulting her. At the time of filing charges, the couple were discussing child custody arrangements. We developed a plan along with our client’s custody attorney to protect his rights and his ability to secure custody of his child. In the end, both sides were able to reach an agreement on custody and the charges were remanded to the file before being ultimately dismissed.

  • Dismissed Domestic Violence

    Our client and his wife were both arrested following a disagreement at home over their possible divorce. Following the arrest, we developed a plan to ensure that our client protected his right to trial while also trying to reach a resolution short of trial. In the end, we were able to convince the prosecutor to remand the charges to the file before they were ultimately dismissed.

  • Trial – Not Guilty, Case Dismissed DUI

    Our client was facing the loss of her job if she was convicted of DUI. We prepared the case for trial and pointedly cross-examined the officer who made the arrest. We were able to establish through use of the officer’s dashcam video that his conclusions were inconsistent with what the video showed. In the end, the judge agreed with us. Not Guilty, Case Dismissed.

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